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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  September 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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killing her right here in the driveway. now sky 7 was over the scene just after it happened. police say the couple live in a duplex where the car is now roped off. they say the husband was so distraught they transported him to quincy medical center for shock and stress. this all happened just before 2:30 this afternoon and since then accident reconstruction crews have been here. they are collecting every. they are taking photographs. they are even getting underneath the car. at this point it's unclear what exactly happened to cause this accident but neighbors are looking on i knew something wasn't quite right when i looked out of my side window earlier on and i noticed that there were ambulance people outside and there was a stretcher at some point and so i didn't know that there was something serious going on so i just kept on about my daily routine and i noticed that when i had come outside that everyone was still here and i walked down the street and i saw someone, something under a
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i assumed that earlier maybe someone would be taken out on the stretcher. >> anchor: so again the area of 19 phillips street roped off by police as they continue to investigate and we continue to follow all of the developments and we'll bring you the latestment for now rocking live from quincy, kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: now we have some breaking news out of foxboro. patriots player rob ninkovich will be forced to sit out. the first four games of the season, he suspended for testing positive for a banned espn he is devastated. >> anchor: it means the team is starting the season without two of its top players. tim caputo live for us at gillette with breaking details. tim? >> anchor: ninkovich told espn this was an honest mistake but he does take responsibility for this mistake. he says most of all, he is disappointed that he won't be with his teammates for the first four week of the season. a week before the season begins
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of the ball. this afternoon the nfl announced line bagger rob ninkovich has been suspended for the first four games of the season for of thing positive for performance enhancing drugs. in an its view with espn he said it was an honest mistake each said store bought supplements didn't list all ingredients. he said few things are more important to me than my name and reputation. this might call that into question for some which has me heartbroken. i doesn't want to cut any corn e. i want to do things the right way with high intri for. the suspension comes 24 hours before quarterback tom brady starts his four game suspension beginning saturday afternoon tom brady won't be allowed with the team for games, practices even film sessions. punishment for his role in the deflategate drama. after playing the entire first half of last night's final preseason game, brady says for the start of the regular season he will be like fans and cheer from home. pats faithful we spoke with aren't too worried about a potential slow start. they are all right looking ahead to the prayoffs.
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brand new team them have a lot of red advance. they have been there before. they have been through a lot of adversity before and when have you tom brady whether have you him for all 16 grams you only have him for 12 games. you always have a shot. so he was already dealing with a pretty serious arm injury and would have likely miss the first couple of games of the season anyway. now he wouldn't be paid for those first four games and like brady he will be eligible to play in cleveland against the browns in week tim cap out oh, 7 news. >> anchor: now let's back to tracking hermine. the storm flooded communities in florida only and tore through georgia today. it is currently packing a punch across the carolinaing. bri eggers is here with more on that damage left behind. bri? hermine made landfall overnight as a hurricane but winds have fall tone tropical storm thing center as it moves across southeastern u.s. and as you can see from the video we're about oh show you the storm
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wind and violent after long the coast there. the hurricane came ashore and the big ben region of the florida's gulf coast state officials did their best to brace for the hurricane. the first to split florida in more than a decades tech incomely this is the first one we had as far as hurricanes. this we have people that has never been in this and so it's new to people. as the system cuts across georgia and carolinas there are tropical storm warnings that stretch stretch all the way north to new jersey and while there are flooded downed trees in the path of destruction no major damage has been reported. hermine is expected to continue its track up the eastern seaboard throughout the holiday weekend. in the newsroom, meteorologist bri eggers, 7 news. >> anchor: thank you. speaking that holiday weekend, you might be wondering whether the storm will affect some labor day plans. >> anchor: jeremy reiner here with a look at the storm's path and a first look at your weekend forecast. i think she will lay a role in
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southern new england. bri showed you pictures over the last 24 hours. north car loona later evening then it will reyou out over the open atlantic threw outer north can loona late tomorrow night and more likely on sunday then slow down and there is a lot of ocean warm ocean water underneath this weather system so the hurricane center thinks it will restrengthen back into a hurricane and then drift and meander and wobble pressure is going to block that northward fight so it does help us out so you don't see red line barreling up into new england but i do think we're going to be right on the fringe, right on the northern edge of some of her effects late in the weekend. so we'll start sunday with sunshine and then clouds take over and then i do think we'll see winds develop sunday afternoon and sunday night. it will stay dry on sunday. the amount of wind that we're anticipating gusting occasionally 25 to 35 miles per hour.
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south coast and the cape where you are going to find the strongest winds. 35 to occasionally 45 miles per hour. in terms of the rain by sunday at 6:00 p.m. a lot of zeros so i think you are dry for most if not all of sunday and then the tropical showers will come into new england during the day on monday. it's not widespread heavy rain. the showers will be hit and miss but that's what we are anticipating at this time and we also catch a break because the astronomical high tides will be low so minimal to flooding anticipated with hermine late in the weekend early next week. >> anchor: and be sure to stay with 7 news as we track the path of the storm. you can get the latest weather reports on loin and also on our 7 news app. >> anchor: now to a developing story a second suspects is now behind bars accused of killing this teen-ager in east boston. her body was found back in june. police did arrest a first suspect in the month of july. byron barnett live in east boston with more on today's
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>> reporter: this murder shook residents if the community of east boston then a second man is behind bars in connection with the slaying of a young woman. 21-year-old angel ramos of east boston peeking into the courtroom trying to avoid the tv camera. he was arraigned for the june 15 murder of 18-year-old blanca linez also of east boston. her body was found beaten and stabbed in a garage on princeton street in police got their first break in the case when they arrested a 16-year-old male in connection with the murder in july. then last week police released these surveillance imans of another woman in connection of the case and asked the public to help identify her. police say they found her, questioned her then released her. they say it was pat of the puzzle. finally there morning ramos was arrested. police say fingerprints from both suspects were found at the crime scene and police say both
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crime scene around the time of the murder. the victim's family members looked on in court. defense attorney robert griffin says he tried to keep ramos out of view of the tv camera because of identity issues. he plead not guilty and had nothing further to say. >> anchor: angel ramos is being held without bail. 16-year-old jose hernandez who is being tried as an adult is also still behind bars and he is being held without bail as well. that's the latest live from east boston. i'm byron barnett, >> anchor: also on 7, an uber driver is charged with raping a female passenger in dorchester. michael vadrine was in court. police say he was arrested are we thursday morning allegedly sexually assaulted a woman who called for a ride home. he told police he did have sex with a woman but that it was consensual. uber did release a statement saying we are fully cooperating with boston police and will continue to work closely with them to help provide any
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september college students are of course returning to school also means that some drivers moving to the city don't know the height restrictions on storrow drive. that is what happened to the driver of this moving truck. you can see there the roof is completely gone. sides are bent and torn apart. police showed up to help get the truck away from the overpass so traffic to get moving again. >> anchor: bad day for them. coming up on 7 news at 6:00 a scare in the air for pilots heading into logan airpo
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>> anchor: a rouse distraction for pilots heading to logan airport. there were three reports of lasers targeting airports. sources tell 7 news that two pilots were hurt. >> anchor: now the faa is investigating who is behind this. jennifer egan has the story. >> reporter: three planes with a green laser all within minutes of each other. it happened wednesday night. the first case a hawker 25 aircraft as it cruised over north adams in the western part of the state. 24 minutes after that, at 9:17 an american airlines flight on approach to logan reported a laser lit up the windshield ten miles northeast of the airport. two minutes later, another plane passing over the same spot, this one a delta flight, reported it too was hit.
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sad to hear. in a shut shell. people actually have the audacity to do something like that. thoughing the potential outcome it could cause. i think it would be very dangerous because it would be disstarting obviously to the pilots. >> anchor: sources tell 7 news on the american airlines flight coming in from charlotte, north carolina the two pilots said the laser injured their eyes. the crew still managed to land the plane three minutes later. it's just a blessing for them to even just be able to land the plane knowing still inflated by the lasers. >> reporter: planes struck by powerful lasers from the ground have been a problem for flights coming to and from logan for years. but catching the person behind this brief but dangerous act is a challenge. pat of me thinks it's maybe like they think it's some sort of practical joke this. egot a hold of this powerful laser and think what can i do with this? but it could also be someone intensely trying to they with the plane. state police were notified
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now investigating. at logan airport, jennifer egan, 7 news. >> anchor: a lot of people wondering what's in store for the weekend. >> anchor: time something important and who gets what, jr? >> reporter: they start weekend with sunshine tomorrow and we close it out with clouds and a few tropical showers on monday. the forecast is up next. >> anchor: next in 7 sports, he has been a staple in the patriots defensive line for years but now rob ninkovich will have a blemish on his career. we'll tell you why nink is suspension club. brady led his team for one final time before his deflategate ban which begins tomorrow at 4:00. we hear from the future hall of famer next kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. kelly (voiceover): i'm kelly ayotte. and when i take the plate for new hampshire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting
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...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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>> anchor: so jr said before we left you that saturday looked good and then i think mo i >> anchor: look great right no. >> reporter: if you are starting weekend right now and i hope you are. now in terms hermine the head lens the worst of the storm is south of new england. the jersey shore and in particular looks real nasty. we will feel some of the effects from hermine. some rain and wind sunday and monday. i think the wind shows up for sunday evening and then the rain will hold off until monday which at time actually the wind will back up so not like they are both coming at us together and
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the astronomical high tide actually low late in the weekend and early next week so not anticipating any coastal flooding. the wind gusts again will begin to pick up sunday evening and they will be out of the northeast anywhere 25 to occasionally 35 miles per hour. farther north north of the pike 15 to 25 miles per hour. down along the south coast and cape gusting occasionally 35 to 45 miles per hour. not for 24 straight hours but just to give you a sense of what we think at times will have winds gusting which i have stood in front of a ma times with even higher numbers for our nor'easter so again this is nothing that we cannot or have not experienced before. the chance of rain you are fine tomorrow. most of sunday you are also dry but weather will be risk of showers around midnight sunday night but the daytime sunday is okay. a lot of clouds sunday. monday that will feature a scattering of showers and programs a few tropical downpours but i don't think it rains all day on monday either and then tuesday just a chance of an isolated shower. temperatures right now it's
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and comfortable and pleasant thanks to high pressure. the same area of high pressure that looks like it's going to play a major role in our weekend weather so for tonight mostly clear and comfortable, lows for most of us in the five tease, some cool spots upper 40's briefly tomorrow morning. tomorrow itself looks awesome. lots of sunshine, pleasant, temperatures tomorrow 74 to 79. head to the beaches tomorrow again because you will have the most sunshine, you will have the least amount of wind and temperatures tomorrow will be in the middle 70's. low tied 7:0 high tide at 1:20. cloudy skies on sunday but no rain until i think after dark sunday perhaps as late as midnight sunday night then on monday we will deal with a lot of clouds and ing of showers and perhaps a few tropical downpours from hermine here she is which will move north and east so the holiday weekend does feature deteriorating conditions with the worst the of the three days being monday. thality of rainfall on the way again by 6:00 p.m. sunday nothing. there will be a last clouds but you think that's about it and
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during the day on monday. monday new york in particular. they will be hit and miss like it has been all summer so you notice here bedford a tenth of an inch by monday afternoon. plymouth perhaps as much as 3/4 of an inch of rain. head together cape and islands plant you are already there looks great tomorrow. sunday again developing wind in the afternoon with some rain by sunday evening and monday briy with showers temperatures near 70 and if you are going north you will be getting closer to that high pressure so the lakes region looks awesome. all three days sunday or i should sa clouds and occasional sprinkle but otherwise not too shabby. looks like we'll turn up the heat again end of next week. see you at 7:00. >> anchor: we have some breaking news. we are hearing from patriots defensive captain rob ninkovich for the first time since being suspended for the first four game of the season for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing drugs. ninkovich sweet tweeting to all great patriots fans this is a challenging chapter for me.
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actions. so after tearing history accepts do you remember a joint practice with the saints last month rob ninkovich was expected to be out until october but not the triceps injury that will keep him out of action. instead it's a fur game suspension that will sideline the patriots defensive captain for first month of the season. ninkovich has been suspended without pay for violating the league's policy on performance enhancing substances. a heartbroken nink telling espn he didn't knowing he take an illegal substance yi things are more important to me than my name and reputation." he is adamant that any supplement he ever used was bought at a store. he joins tom brady who is set to begin his four game ban tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. the four time m.v.p. taking the field one time time last night getting the start against the giants and playing for the entire first half. it was the first time in five years brady played in a preseason finale. a controversial decision brady
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play as much as i did. coach and i talked about it and it was a good opportunity to get out and play. it's all about decision making as a quarterback. you don't really get that. you try to replicate in practice but at the end of the day it's got to be game situations and real football. that's what these games allow you to do. >> anchor: the bruins have missed the playoff the last two seasons. an unacceptable reality that has the black and gold highly motivated as they get set to open three weeks. but patrice bergeron stresses talk is cheap. last two years have been very disappointing to all of us. we want to turn the tide and we are motivated to do that. it's nice to say it but you actually have to go on the ice and let actions speak for itsel. >> anchor: david krejci has been out for the czech republic
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hockey. bruins center underwent hip surgery and his recovery time was expected to be five months. krejci only began skating in late august. round one of the deutsche bank championship, patrick reid with the chip just off the green on par five 7th hole and he rolls it in for the board. the number one ranked player in the fed ex cup stanchion finishing with a three under 68 today. his chip in on 7 good for our play he and the red sox making it official today. recalling from aa portland. he is one of the five players added to the active major league roster. alex corddry, that's 7 sports. >> anchor: alex, thanks so muc. >> anchor: 7 news at 6:00 will
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thank you so much for joining us everyone. ' jadiann thompson. >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. we hope you have a great evening. remainder, "nightly news" is next. we're back for 7 news at 7:00 and again for 7 news at 11:00. if we don't see you have a terrific and great holiday weekend.
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breaking news tonight. monster holiday storms, states of emergency as hermine batters the southeast. torrential rain, flooding, powerful winds, 30 million on alert, all the way up to connecticut. and just i labor day. soap crackdown, a bombshell from the fda, why it's banning anti-bacterial soap used by millions. >> clinton's fbi files, what she didn't understand about handling classified material and how a concussion impacted her answers. outrage over a former stanford university swimmer now free after serving just three months for sexual assault.


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